Project Portfolios Fly in real-time all your projects and resources

Give visibility to your projects to everyone in your business in real-time.

Through portfolio management, you control the status of your projects:

Centralized vision multi-project

Strategic, simple and modern tool

Tracking in real time of projects and resources

Advanced cockpit table

Keep an overview of your projects

Projects weather, POC, next action and action late, Gladys portfolio management allows you to simply manage your activity.

Follow the progress of your projects and the availability of your resources

Viewing schedules Gantt, time tracking, resource availability, you control your costs and delays.

Browse the dashboards of your projects at a glance

Stop wasting your time collecting the information necessary for the follow-up of your projects. Gladys centralizes your performance indicators on a single dashboard.

Optimize the management of your activity with Gladys through effective project portfolio management:

All the tools, in the same place, to collaborate and boost productivity


File Sharing


Time Tracking

Team Management